Friday, January 31, 2014

Post 31

For the first time today (well technically it happened tomorrow, but with an overnight prayer service I'll be generous with myself and post it for the 31st) I gave a sermon in Italian. Ok, not the first time, but certainly the first time this year ;).

I hadn't had as much time to prepare as I wanted, really, and so I was feeling nervous. Though I wasn't as elegant and as polished as I had hoped to be, I was sincere. When my alarm failed to wake me (I later found my phone on the floor in three pieces.) and my hour and a half long nap turned into three hours, I lost my extra preparation time. Instead of spending what little time I had left complaining about the situation in which I found myself, I decided to pray. What lesson could I learn from this? My academic training combined with my natural ability to present well makes me sometimes take God out of my preparations for things.

I had prayed for inspiration with the word to share, but as often happens, I was relying on myself to deliver the results. Because I didn't have enough time to triple check grammar and write out my third draft, I went into this sermon the way I should've done every time before: humble and reliant upon God. I am realizing that I do this a lot in just about every area of my life, and I bet much heartbreak could be avoided if I first listened to and waited on God, and then acted according to HIS plan. I know God is preparing me for something and I want to remember all of these lessons I'm learning. I've got a lot to learn!

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