Friday, January 17, 2014

Post 17

Gregory Porter at Scullers Jazz Club

warm light, candles 
                    I am feeling inspired. 

This is better than I expected. Slow, sultry and hip rockin', head boppin', this guy's got it all in his repertoire. 

I should do this more often.

Looking around me I feel like I'm in one of those Tyler Perry movies, like that jazz spot scene in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman".
If I get too intimidated from all the bougie-ness I can just talk about Europe and Bryn Mawr. That should do it.

I cannot help but appreciate the artistry, the saxophonist sliding effortlessly into blue notes that elicit hearty "mm!"s, each member of the team working together as a unit, transitiong beautifully, so beautifully between solos and playing all together. The people I am sitting next to and I are united in our appreciation of the band. We exchange comments about the music as we introduce ourselves. I love this power of music to unite people formerly unknown to each other. I love the positivity of the artist, that fostered that type of environment in the first place. I love love!

I really should do this more often. 
                      I am feeling inspired. 

Exposure to great work often does that for me.

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