Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Post 21

I am currently sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts, drinking chai made with too much milk and sugar. Well, that's what happens when you order a pre-milked and sugared drink instead of just getting a black or green tea and doing it yourself.

I am traveling soon, and so despite the severe weather I determined to go out and have dinner with a friend. It is terribly cold, but I've taken care. I've got on two pairs of tights underneath my leggings, my snow boots and leg warmers, and quite a few layers on top as well. But I digress. I didn't want to write a post of snowstorms. Today I wanted to talk about the reflection and editing processes that are part of writing.

While I love this challenge that I've given myself, I can't help but wonder how much better some of what I posted would be if I had more time to go over it before posting it. Oftentimes it takes at least a week for me to get a song into decent shape. I've got to let it settle in and let the flavors meld. Some songs take months or more before I'm ok with where they are. That makes posting something each day that I can be ok with a little difficult. While reviewing, revising and making improvements is an essential part of any discipline, this venture does give me the opportunity to let loose a little. I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to do some editing, but it's nice to give myself over a bit to the rawness of creativity. If I focus too much on the refinement I might miss out on some of the fun of the creative process. So here's to celebrating the beauty of the imperfect and the unfinished. They remind me of the importance of the journey, and not just the destination.

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