Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post 16

When I write a song about a guy it's not usually something I feel comfortable sharing publicly, quickly. If I knew how to tell a guy about my feelings I'd tell him instead of writing a song, posting it on the internet, and hoping he'll: A-see and look at the posting, B-understand the lyrics and realize they are about him (given my traveling and language tendencies the chances of a guy literally not understanding the lyrics of my songs are rather high...) and, C- do something about! (something I like, like approach me, instead of you know, forgetting about it or brushing it off). I feel like I'm at Bryn Mawr, but instead of being passive aggressive I'm being passive romantic. Hmm...
Every now and then I'll write a romance-y song without anyone in particular in mind. You can guess which type this is ;).

Today's post is the song very recently written, called "Follow"

I've been dreaming of you for some time now
Do you follow?
I've been thinking of you quite a lot now
Do you follow?

Oh, do you follow?

If you're willing to journey together, I will follow
If you're leading me deeper into love, I will follow

Oh, I will follow

Can we stop and listen? If I pray will you pray and we'll wait on God. Can we wait on God just to hear when He tells us if it's right or wrong? I will follow, you'll follow, we'll follow.

Oh, we'll follow

Here's the description I have in the video: Song I wrote recently. As I get older it's become more and more important to navigate attraction in a way I feel would please God. I think this song reflects that. It's not enough for me to find someone attractive. Plenty of hot guys around ;). I want to know from God if it's the right time with the right person.

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