Saturday, January 18, 2014

Post 18

Sometimes bonding can happen in the strangest ways. Today Mumsy and I had some strangely awesome bonding time. She's been sick and so I've taken on the role of the good daughter, helping to take care of her. This has been doubly important because my future step-dad has been ill as well.

Our bonding time started at the bathroom sink this morning and continued as we lazed around all day watching Olmypic hopefuls and qualifiers, and a beloved movie from both our childhoods. I'd say though that ending the day attempting to throw M&M's into each other's mouths was the kicker. Mumsy, this post is for you.

Hanging out with mama
We laugh, oh how we laugh
I still maintain that laughter is the best medicine so you'll be up and at 'em in no time.

You support me through so much. Don't think that I don't notice or don't appreciate it.

These times together, good and bad, just being us. It's hard to let that go, isn't it? To be so far apart? But you support me anyway, and help my dreams come true. Thank you, Mumsy.
Thank you.

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