Monday, January 27, 2014

Post 27

I've been thinking about words lately. Specifically my own. Maybe it's because I watched the Grammy Award show and part of me wants to win one for a song. But really, I'm thinking of words with more eternal impact. Reading Paul's letters gives me an idea of words with staying power. Words can be so powerful and have such huge impacts on people. I suppose this can be said of the arts in general.

Art has the ability to reach people profoundly. I want to a part of that, but I don't want to focus on that to the point that I lose sight of the joy of creating. I think that for awhile now I've felt that I need to churn out hit after hit. I felt it wasn't worth it to write a 'bad' song. I sought those moments when people would come to me after a performance and share how what I did touched them. When that stopped happening as often I think my motivations were revealed.

People often ask me what audience I'm writing for and where I want to take my music. I honestly don't know anymore. I never allowed myself  to pursue a career in music to the exclusion of all else and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. I will, however, continue to write and sing for God's glory. I trust that everything will progress as it should.

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