Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post 22

So, my mom wants me to sign up for Christian
Ever so thoughtfully (and tastefully, I might add), she reminds me of my duty to get married and bear children. I am mollified somewhat by the fact that she encourages me even more so to get a graduate degree.

Still, I'm only 23 years old (24 in March), and when I run into old family friends they think it's appropriate to ask me, "So, when are you getting married and having kids?" How is that a good follow-up question to the statement, "I've been teaching English as a foreign language in Italy."? Beats me.

Everyone's favorite question is whether or not I've found me a hottie yet, and to be fair, I'd probably enjoy this question a lot more if I could say "Yes."

Part of me wants to get up in arms and go on a rant about how 23 year old men don't have to face these questions and expectations. They're more likely to get asked how many chicks they banged recently, not how many life partner prospects they've met and tried to secure and then procreate with.

The thing though, is that when I was in high school I had planned to already be married around 23 so that I could have a couple years with my partner before having children. I wanted to be on the younger side, 27 at the most, before having children.

Oh, how dreams fade.

I'm not too upset about it though.

My mother recently reminded me that I am an accomplished young lady. You know, focus on the positive. That shouldn't be too difficult ;).

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