Friday, January 24, 2014

Post 24

When the bus broke down today I doubt any of us were expecting it. We were all calmly riding along, and I am certain I wasn't the only one who dismissed the bumpy clang as awkwardly navigated snow piled on the road against the sidewalk.

But, no.

One stop later the patrons of the 411 found ourselves stuck on a broken down bus. The natural impulse to vacate the potential deathtrap was silenced by the actual deathtrap of waiting for any length of time outside in the bitter cold. No matter. We make the best of our situations in life.

Some, more than others.

It would seem that there is almost always an extrovert waiting for just such an opportunity to break social convention and talk to strangers on a bus. (For some, simply existing in a space nearby is invitation enough.)

Sometimes breaking social conventions is a good thing, and if it positively fosters a sense of community, I say go for it. Today's extrovert didn't make a big awkward mess of things. She simply talked about now being late for work, and while imitating her boss' foreseen incredulity at her excuse, had quite a few of us laughing.

I suggested she take photo evidence on her phone to show to her boss, and already on the same plane of thought, she quickly went about doing so. She even shared her card with some of us, as she is a spoken word artist. It figures a performer would have no problems being friendly on public transportation. Well, maybe that's too sweeping a statement. Either way, despite the bus today's commute was lovely. Just lovely.

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