Friday, January 3, 2014

WC2014: Day 3

Hello! Going strong, three days into the new year. So impressive!
Some of these pieces are going to be crap, and I'll likely be embarrassed to post  a few of them, but a challenge is a challenge! Here's today's piece.

The Time Capsule

Sometimes I feel like Christmas Trees are a sort of time capsule. Only, instead of having memories locked up and buried away to be discovered at some distant unknown quantity of time by someone else, the memories are rediscovered at the regular interval of each year when the tree is put up.

The tree I have come home to this year is to me the visual representation of my bildungsroman. Each ornament brings with it a memory of a place, a person, a time: laughter, joy, and the traces of healed pain and trials overcome.

It is the sum of my coming of age.

I have not participated in the preparation of the tree this year, nor the last, because I have been away. This absence, too, is part of my story. All the same, this tree bears examples of my presence everywhere, and though not adorned by my hands, it is wholly familiar. I am reminded that some things stay with us and speak to our unity even when we're not together.

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