Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post 23

   Sometimes I think that I put myself out there too much. Well, I've at least felt like that in the past.       Though difficult at times, I think that vulnerability is a good thing. I've been reading "Heart of the Artist" by Rory Noland and I would definitely recommend it to any artists seeking character growth. Anyway, in the book Rory talks about all of these different areas of being and relating to artists. I have therefore resolved to pick up a few tips heading into the rest of this new year.

1. Respond to every critique with love
As an artist it's not always easy to take it with grace when someone pokes and prods at your heart that you've figuratively laid out before them. I hereby resolve to not go up in arms whether or not someone lacks a little tact.

2. Have fun with it!
Here's to a year of having fun with creativity in all of its multiplicity.

Ummm, so can you tell I'm kinda stumped for a post idea for today? A little dstracted. So here's to not feeling too bad about that. :)

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