Sunday, January 5, 2014

Orange Line Vigilante

Hello all! Post #5 of the year is dedicated to the Orange Line Vigilante.

So yesterday as I was heading to meet some friends downtown I decided to take the opportunity to soak in the familiarity of riding on the Orange Line. As I looked around me I noticed some advertising.

It all seemed innocuous enough. To be honest most of my time looking at the ads was trying to figure out what was being advertised, until I saw "Surface." Ok, so some new laptop/tablet hybrid. What I first noticed was this:

And so, you can see, it's understandable why I didn't immediately know the name of the product. What stayed with me though, is what's written on the advertisement. 

"This literal objectification of women should not be used to sell products!"

Followed by, "Yes! I agree. Thanks for writing this!"

And so, I extend my thanks as well to whoever wrote this. While defacing paid for space isn't always advisable, this is definitely one of the more positive advertisement writings I've ever come across. This person opened up an important dialogue in a public space where anyone could come across it, and not just those who would go looking for this sort of discourse. Well played, Orange Line Vigilante. Well played. 

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