Saturday, January 25, 2014

Post 25

I never really thought I could get to that point with a guy, you know? I think inasmuch as women are objectified, we can do the same things to men. And it's not OK. My experience of oppression does not give me license to then oppress you, because as we all know, two wrongs don't make a right.

So, why is the brother thing so important? Well, Christians tend to work in community a lot, and the brotherhood/sisterhood aspect of that becomes very important. I now call many people "sister" who I never thought I would. It is not just a Mr./Ms./Mrs type of thing. In real loving community these women are like family. Admittedly, this level of intimacy has been easier for me to attain with women than with men. Perhaps because I have been trained to look at all of them as potential partners. My thought process has always been, "Are we compatible? No? Moving on.-- Yes? Let's see how this turns out..."

You see, I never really learned how to look at a man as anything other than a possible future mate. It's like my brain went to auto mode. Now I suddenly find myself in loving and healthy relationships with men that are, heaven forbid, platonic! I am now a firm believer that people can change. Sometimes my attempts to enter platonic friendship are met with men who distance themselves from me, probably assuming I'm trying to make a partner out of them. Sometimes the opposite occurs and they want to be a little too close. No matter! When I find like-minded people who understand the importance of friendship, then I'll continue to build on the beautiful friendships that I now have with men. I can even ask them for dating advice! I love it. On a side note, I like the idea of being friends with someone and getting to know a person before adding the extra element of romance.

So, here's to friendship. Well, for now at least ;).

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