Friday, March 14, 2014


So my birthday was pretty awesome. I fasted two meals and felt awesome doing it. It really felt like some issues I had with food were dealt with that day, and today I feel strong going into another day of fasting. Super exciting! Some friends and I are going through a period of consecration, and so I've gotten rid of a lot of not so good reading material I'd been holding on to, and I am so sure that all of this is bringing good fruit. Whoo!

So right now I'm dashing off to meet up with a few friends, but I've got to say, life is good :D.
I got myself a good wax for my birthday this morning, and so I'm ready for poolside aperitivos, should they arrive.

Also, the gifts that I ordered for myself were waiting for me when I got home yesterday! Talk about God's amazing timing! I literally ordered my pedometer like three days ago, and international shipping is not supposed to be that fast. I'm already counting my steps and working through my 10k steps a day healthy goal. I'll be sure to update on how all of that is going.

Ok! Dashing off through this lovely weather! yay :).


  1. Hoo-Ray! The fasting looks great on you, girl! You have a glow and a renewed energy--plus a more slender figure! ;)

    1. thaaaank you!! one of my colleagues today stopped me and commented that I'm lookin' good ;). I feel that renewed energy too! I'm literally brimming with excitement and energy and joy like never before! it even comes through in my writing, haha