Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's My Birthday!!!


Ok, so today is my birthday. Super awesome. I bought myself quite a few kindle books and a new pedometer with the amazing gift card my mama gave me, and I'm already enjoying the benefits of my new reading material. :D
I spent my workday handing out Boston souvenirs to my colleagues and people in the school, and I gave out two packets of cookies that I brought to share with everyone. Can I just say that giving feels WONDERFUL! It might even be better than receiving. Or at least it makes me feel less bad when I do get something.

On a side note, I had a dream a few nights ago that I got a huge barrel of gifts, and so I feel certain that God has some wonderful things in store for me as I grow in this period. The increase in joy and peace, the large amount of people who comment on my weight loss, and the larger amount of people who tell me how peaceful and settled I look as opposed to a few months ago, means I'm already off to a great start.

Yesterday I received so many wonderful things during my quiet time. Specifically some verses from Psalms that really encouraged me. Then, I was also encouraged as I prepared a mini sermon for small group. It was really really cool. I shared from David's life, focusing on his facing Goliath and his battle for getting the Ark of the Covenant back from the Philistines. It was supposed to launch from the sermon our youth pastor preached on Saturday, and so I started from there and then went further, since a simple regurgitation of what he had said would have been, well, not as useful.

I can say again that I applaud God for His timing. All that I'm doing now are things that I've wanted to do for awhile, and I was so frustrated over having to wait. I'm a leader, and I've known that about myself for awhile. I have an anointing to lead and when the opportunity does not present itself as I think it should I can get frustrated. But I've learned in this period that waiting can be a good thing, and I realize that I am much better equipped to do this work than I would have been had God allowed me do this sooner. I am humbled now, and I am not seeking the approval of man.

Now, I'm still learning how to wait gracefully, and there are a few areas in my life that I have to keep coming back to with that lesson, but I trust that all is in God's hands and that He's working all for my good. After all, He told me so!

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