Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gift Upon Gift

One recent gift that I haven't blogged about yet was the one in which God allowed me to lead worship from the floor. Literally, the floor. To be more specific, this was during Saturday's worship at the youth service.

I tend to hold my worship in sometimes, but then the Holy Spirit bursts in me and there's no shame, only loud proclamations of God's goodness. God has given me an ear for medleys, and that is often a large component of how I lead worship.

We were worshipping to Kari Jobe's "You are For Me", in Italian, of course, when I notice that the chord loop we were on worked for another one of my favorite worship songs. So there I am, singing "Su di noi" (Let it Rain-Jesus Culture), tranquil as can be, when the Spirit bursts in me and I start wailing on "Where You Go I Go" (also Jesus Culture, Bethel Church). While not the same key, the melody fits over the chord structure.I'm having a medley good time. I go between that and "Let it Rain". It was a special moment, really, because during that time I was feeling self conscious about how loud I can sometimes get when I'm praising. It was like God broke down the door and opened the floodgates of heaven like I was asking in the song, and let it flow through my vocal chords. I didn't have any brain cells to spare to care about whether or not people thought I was being obnoxious.

Anyway, I stay in this special place a bit, though much quieter than before, moving between songs, when the worship leader switches to "Let it Rain"! He did a medley! Oh the joy that rose up within me! As far as I can tell, they've never done this before. I was so excited, and I felt like God was telling me, "I'm using you no matter where you are in the congregation". Leading worship is my ministry, no matter where I am!

You see, I know they heard me on stage because for about a month now after almost every Saturday service someone on stage tells me about how they heard me worshipping on the floor, and it blessed them. Even the guy in my cell group who is always really far back on the stage, next to the drums. Even I was surprised with the strength and volume of what came out of me while I was worshipping, so I'm pretty sure they heard me on stage. Again.

So, in this past week of gift upon gift, this was one of the sweetest. Truly, all you need to do is be the light God made you to be, seek His kingdom, and you'll walk in the promises of His Word. The blessings overflow in abundance!

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