Saturday, March 1, 2014

Post 60

*When I've got a recording of this song I'll share it. 

In the secret, quiet place, we can see you face to face.
Yes, in the secret, quiet place.
In our deep and dark spaces, Your light enter and replaces
everything that does not please You.

For You are a God of pure and holy standards. Pure and holy standards. 
Every righteous are You.

All the earth, it sings Your praises. Creator God of all the ages.
All the earth, we sing Your praises.
You send rain to desert places. You breathe life and we awaken.
Almighty God, we sing Your praises.

For You are a God of great and awesome splendor, great and awesome splendor. 
Glorious are You.

I will sing Your praise all my days.
I will sing Your praise all my days.
Only You can save.
Jesus, only You can save.

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