Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cool Ways I Met God Recently...

So! Wassup?
It struck me this morning on my way to work that I've had lots of wonderful divine encounters. From meeting friends on late night trains and stopping for a chat and a prayer, from running into people I never expected to, and schedules just happening to click, everything is coming together in the coolest ways!

I'll start from the middle.
On Wednesday I had the morning off from work and decided to use that for quiet time and a morning fast, instead of the lunch fast I had planned around my usual schedule. Awesome. Then that evening I shared the message in small group, and that was awesome too! It was really a God given word, and many people received :D.
Then Thursday, somehow my schedule worked out, despite everything getting moved around, and even though I had missed two meals instead of one (hungry Allegra= She Hulk. seriously.), God gave me the patience to deal with an incredibly unfortunately behaved little girl, to the point that her mother commented on my patience at the end of the lesson to the father when he got home. God is good!

Then on Friday I went to an open mic where I shared one of the songs I recently wrote from my times of worship and personal time with God, and on Sunday I ran into someone from the bar where I played. He invited me to sing with his buddies next Sunday, and you can bet I and a few others will be there! We just happened to go to Sempione for our after church worship, and there you go: evangelism opportunities! Assuming the weather holds up, we'll run into each other again.

This Sunday was pretty much fantabulous. Not too long ago I remember reminiscing over a group hang out at my friend Alisa's house that happened a few months ago. It was so anointed that people still bring it up to me when we run into each other at church. It was with mostly these people that I hung out with this Sunday afternoon, and so we were all primed for the movement of the Holy Spirit. One of the guys in this group had come to church with a friend who was going through a rough time and reached out to him for some spiritual guidance. While we were all there sitting in the grass in the middle of crowded park belting out worship songs in English and Italian to our heart's content, he starts crying. Apparently it was right as we started singing, "All consuming fire. You're our heart's desire. Living flame of love, come baptize us."

Naturally we're all excited about this. Another girl new to our group who was a friend just happened to have had a similar experience last week, and when she felt led by God to go and pray with him and listened, that's when he let loose the flow.  Apparently he started crying as soon as he got to church too, and so I'm sure this is not a day he'll easily forget. We're praying for him to give his heart fully to God, and I'm trusting in His timing.

Then we continued worshiping into the late night, but inside since it was getting cold and people had to leave, and I became aware of just how important my quiet time is as a worship leader. I pour out a lot when I lead worship, and I need to remember to have time to receive from God. So when I took some time to rest during our evening worship, it was nice. But then for the last 30-40 minutes I needed to pick up my guitar! It will be good for me to learn to receive even as I pour out, because when leading worship I feel the most "me". The most what I was made to be.

The last thing I'm noticing is God's provision. I've had a few extra expenses coming up, what with a Bethel retreat I registered for and the setting up of my hopefully functional new/old iPhone 3, but I've also had a flood of new requests for private lessons, all of which fit into my crazy schedule. This week I'm doing three lessons more than I did last week! That makes a huge difference for me, and I'm so grateful.
I'm especially looking forward to Thursday, since I work with one of my favorite (yes, I've got faves) students, and then I start with a new student from the group of friends I praise with. It's the guy who brought his friend on Sunday. These types of lessons are nice because we'll be able to fellowship and talk about God as His English improves.

Ok, now that I've written a short novel here, I'll end the post. This is what happens when I can only update when I have access to public wifi or the computers at work! Trusting God for a wifi revolution at my apartment!
Ciao ciao folks!

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