Thursday, March 20, 2014

Revolutionary Smile!

** Before you go on to the poem, can I just say how true this turned out to be? I wrote this poem on my way to work this morning. Every morning I say hello to the lady who sits at and monitors the school entrance while enclosed in her glass box, and every morning she either ignores me, doesn't hear me, or sort of frowns in return. Today, having just finished writing this poem, my smile was feeling revolutionary, and I felt the power of God's joy flowing through me. This morning the lady smiled back at me! It was a little tentative, but I could see real pleasure at being greeted cheerfully and not just ignored like most people do when they enter the school building. I've been smiling at her and saying "good morning" for months, people. Even when you don't see an immediate outward change, know that God is moving in the spiritual realms. In order to get to know her better, in order to witness to her effectively, I needed to be patient and consistent in showing love. She will respond now if I go up and ask her name and share a bit about my testimony. A foundation has been laid now. Even some parents lit up when I greeted them this morning as they waited for teacher conferences. Light is powerful folks. God is good!  Ok. Here's the poem.

Revolutionary Smile

This is dangerous.

In a city so full of doom and gloom frowns, a smile is revolutionary.
This morning, I am especially so.
My smile is as wide as the Grand Canyon, yet it represents only a fraction of the immense joy in my soul.

Song bursts forth from my mouth; I no longer care that I'm in public.
Today I am a songbird gleefully releasing her morning melody.
Today, I taste God's presence like a child tasting ice-cream for the first time on a hot summer's day.
Cool, sweet, refreshing.
Today, I dwell upon God like we dwell upon 1st love's 1st kiss. I feel the excitement of being with Him well up within me.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good!"
I have, and there will never be enough words to describe it for I cannot even completely understand the fullness of His goodness.

This is dangerous.

This smile is a light in the darkness that will not be overcome, but change almost always causes a push back.
I'm ready.

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