Friday, February 21, 2014

Post 52

By the time Thursday came around and was done you can quite rightly guess that I was as tired as... I can't think of any flattering similes so I'll refrain from inserting one here.

Monday I was out late worshipping and praising, Tuesday I was out late with my roommate and Andrew, Wednesday I was out late with Andrew and my cell group, and Thursday I was out late again with the blues group I now play with.

I felt so bad, because I was literally falling asleep during practice. Here are all these older married men huffing it out on a late night, going out of their way to pick me up and bring me back home, and I'm the one who can barely keep her eyes open!

Either way, we had a much better rehearsal this time around, namely because I was much more comfortable and had a better grasp of the music. Really, it was a pretty cool. We're trying to figure out how our styles are going to meld, and they are already bringing in jazzier more gospel influenced pieces because of me. Honestly, those are the styles my vocal style and abilities are more suited to.

Stretching with some blues pieces is wonderful, but it's nice to be able to do Fever, Cry Me a River, and I Got a Woman. They've taken my suggestions really well, but as happens with Italians, are not too keen on change that happens too fast. They've told me they want to focus on what they already know, and then we'll slowly start adding in 1 or 2 new pieces, every now and then.

This is already much faster than I anticipated, given that statement. When we start playing shows, it'll get even more interesting!

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