Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post 51

Wednesday evening found me with little to no money on my phone. Well, no money on my phone! It also found me with many phone conversations to make. Because my phone is a piece of crap that literally cannot support whatsapp, I am often left out of cell group communications. Therefore, I had no idea where the group was meeting, and I needed to know more so than ever because I was bringing a seeker with me. Through a series of textmessages and some judicious usage of my roommate's landline, I was able to figure out plans for the evening, and Andrew and I were on our way.

It turns out that we were not meeting in a pub after all, but that we were going to someone's house for dinner and sharing, conversaiton, that kind of stuff. Excellent.

Everyone was primed to share testimonies and bring Andrew in. All sorts of English I never knew my cell group members were capable of was coming out, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to feel proud or cheated. hehe

I decided to be happy. We prayed, we sang, we shared, and we trusted in God to do the real work of changing hearts. I am 100% sure that good seeds were planted in Andrew's life, and I am going to trust the Great Planter to grow that which was sown, and ensure that the soil of his heart is fertile.

At any rate, Wednesday was a lovely evening of walking and talking, and even a little romance, as Andrew thought one of the girls in my cell group was cute. Ihave my own romantic hopes as well, but again, I'll refrain from writing much of anything on that topic. ;)

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