Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Post 36

So, my cell group is planning a Valentine's Day party. Lord...

It turns out that only two of us have romantic partners, and the rest of us are not-so-subtly trying to join the ranks. The party is supposed to be organized for the entire youth group, consisting of at least 100 people, and all 10 of us are expected to be ready for February 15th. As a reminder, we started planning this today.

And by planning, I mean talking over each other for an hour.

I have volunteered to act in our little skit that will be drafted the morning (I hope...) of the party, and am also part of the decoration crew. There might even be a little talent show organized that I will sing in. There might also be themed dress.  I realized rather quickly that my choices Current top of the list of heroines of romantic movies to dress as is ...(drumroll please)... Disney Princess Tiana.
Given the rather large of amounts of "there might be's", this venture is riding on faith. Definitely.

Love is literally in the air.

People have been casting calf eyes at each other all month. Literally. Like, since that all night prayer meeting. (I don't care if it hasn't even been seven days into the month yet. It's still all month!)

I was hoping we'd do something more like, I dunno, a reading of Song of Solomon. Or maybe we could talk about keeping oil in our lamps so that we'd have enough when the groom shows up. But we are in Italy, and a certain city is only like an hour away. So of course everyone wants to do Romeo and Juliet. So original.

I think I'm too hard on my teammates. It's not as if I'd come with anything better. Either way, I'm excited to see how this turns out, and you can bet I'll be writing about it ;).

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