Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post 50

Meeting Andrew

So, as my roommate and I are both terribly busy, she was not able to inform me that two men were coming into the house. So the weekend that Andrew arrived saw me dressed (thank goodness) with my room door wide open, digging through my closet. I saw two rather good looking men come in and I thought, "These must be Elena's friends." She had mentioned before that an American friend was coming and that a mutual friend was dropping him off at her place.

It was a bit like the dear caught in the headlights. They had keys so I know they didn't mean any harm, and once the clearly notable New York American accent came out of Andrew's mouth, I received even further confirmation that this was indeed my roommate's American friend.

In the excitement of some of my friends from church coming over that same afternoon, I was a complete mess in the kitcken and sliced open my right index finger while trying to slice fresh mozarella. It's like, the softest thing on earth besides soft butter.  Anyway, Elena's Italian friend came to the rescue and whipped up a more than passable meal in no time.

Back to the present. We hung out yesterday and it was quite a nice time, except that I had one beer too many. My roommate and I both teach, and you sort of need to have your wits about you if you want to do it well. We are both also incredibly cheap dates, and as I sat there pushing the beer away and wondering how this was damaging my testimony, my roommate gamely finished off my last beer for me so I wouldn't feel awkward about leaving it. So nice of her.

We all stumbled back home, Andrew less so than Elena and I, and we made half understood plans for the next day.
I'd talked to Andrew about God, and my cell groups had even witnessed to him in English while I had been changing in the bathroom before Saturday's festivities. He was interested in hanging out on Wednesday, and I was more than happy to take him to Bible study with me. :)

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