Saturday, February 8, 2014

Post 39

As many imagined would happen, I am doing quite well back in Italy. I'm even now making new friends and expanding upon previous friendships.

Currently I've been living for about one week in my new apartment situation, and I and my roommate get along fabulously. I have grown up enough now to be able to live with other people, and our schedules are such that we don't bother each other because we're both busy bodies. We manage to walk to work together most mornings, and we have evening chats before bed as well.
She speaks many languages, and we help each other out with English and Italian. She writes, as I do, plays guitar, and sings (I know, right?). She has a lovely boyfriend who is often over for the weekends (I'll get there eventually...), who also speaks many languages, and is a photographer. Speaking of which...

Everyone is trying to find me a husband.

Well, I should say that everyone is trying to find me an Italian husband. Half Italians are okay, provided they have Italian citizenship. What I love about this is how shameless my coworkers and other friends are about it all. I think someone at church is cute, everyone's pulling/praying for me to catch the fish and pull him in, as it were. I have a private lesson with a handsome young guy, he gets slipped in as option number two if church guy doesn't work out. Cousins have only been discounted because they were "too stupid". One mainly because he's racist.

Past colleagues get called in hopes of finding English mother-tongue openings, trips are planned to show me off to international schools, and offers of resume tweaks are consistently popping up.

In all honesty, I wish my friends every blessing in their endeavors.

I am now, however, at a place in life in which I have placed everything in God's hands. Maybe all of these people around me are functioning in a God-led manner, maybe not. I do know, however, that the work God begins in a person He will bring to completion, and when He calls someone to a task and/or a place, He provides all that is necessary to do the good work.

So, whatever may come, I have resolved to be at peace with it.

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