Thursday, February 6, 2014

Post 37

After trying to plan a party my cell group ended with an extended time of worship. It was wonderful, spirit-filled, and just... awesome. For the first time I felt a clear prophetic pull, and as I was writing while we sang, I began to write as if God were speaking. I'm still not sure who this is for. I can relate to it but I'm not sure this was for me. At any rate, I was afraid to share it, and then one of our group leaders prayed for us to be free and share prophetically. So I did. Here's what I wrote.

Let me sing you a love song.
Let me tell You how much I love you.
Let me show you how I've bled for you.
Let me in.

Let me show you the plans I've set for you, the founts of life overflowing, affecting nations, hearts, minds, ALL for my glory.
Let me in!

Share with me the greatest love story there ever was.
The greatest love story there ever will be.
Will you taste this love?
It's yours for the taking.
I'm yours for the taking.

Then I wrote something else and our other leader shared a message right after that I felt was for me and confirmed what I had written. He said he felt someone was worried about their future, and God was telling them to rest in Him, and know that He had it all under control. Here's what I had written.

I named you in the womb.
I have set your paths from the very beginning.
Trust me. Keep your eyes on me.

The last piece I wrote is what I'll end this post with.

How beautiful is Your presence.
How wonderful, how magnificent is your inner court.
it shines bright with Your majesty. Yes, it is resplendent with Your light.

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