Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Post 49

As often happens, I am becoming quite the busybee. I am being attentive of this, however, because I do not want to burn out. This week I'm setting aside time for fun, but more importantly, for sleep. This didn't happen as well as I wanted yesterday, and honestly I doubt it will happen at all this week, despite my not-quite-best efforts. My roommate has an American friend visiting from New York, and I imagine I'll join them for an outing this week, likely even tonight. Tomorrow my cell group and I head out to enjoy the city and talk about our walks with God over an apperitivo, and Thursday evening I meet with the blues group. Friday I'll probably want to collapse, but I won't because friends who are no better rested than me will want to hang out together. Whoo!

Today is a gorgeous day though, and I plan to enjoy it and get some sun.Here's how I feel about the weather in Milan.

Ode to the Sun

Oh sun. Oh sun!
I finally see you peaking from behind the clouds.

Oh sun. Oh sun!
It's so nice that it's not raining today.

Oh sun.Oh sun!
Thanks for coming out to play.
Please stay for many, many days.


  1. Hey :) I just had a dream about you, so I'm sending some love your way!!

  2. That sounds interesting. Do tell me about this dream! Sending love your way as well! I miss you and we've got to catch up soon.