Monday, February 17, 2014

Post 48

Today was one of those "divine appointment" days. You know those days when you find yourself having wonderful meetings that just sort of happen in a Deus ex machina sort of fashion?
Well that's what the day was like.
I woke up feeling like something the dog dragged in. However, when your name means 'happy' it's kind of difficult to walk around being a killjoy, and so I rallied myself with some wonderful praise music, texted a few friends for support, and in no time I was up and at 'em again. I felt a still small voice telling me not to worry, that I'd get where I was going when I needed to get there, and that the television and bike situation that I needed to resolve would work itself out.

This was true. Someone offered to take care of the television for me, and I was told to chill and pick up the bike on Saturday, when I'd have more time and could take it easy. From there I found myself meeting up with a friend and it turns out that we have both wanted to work together in missions, and just didn't know how to ask each other. It was like two people crushin' on each other who didn't know how to say "I like you." (This is a personal problem not restricted to work/missional relationships...)
We were able to have a lovely lunch together, and I was greatly encouraged by our time together. Such a blessing! Later on in the day I met some friends for worship and prayer, and we didn't actually finish until around midnight! We met and started with worship, and then we prayed. We were praying for a good two hours before anyone thought to check the time. I got home quite late, but I am so glad for this day.
I know that good things are soon to come, and I know that I am equipped to handle whatever comes my way ;).

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