Thursday, February 13, 2014

Post 44

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I feel like I've been avoiding writing about it, and despite the fact that my church small group is planning the "day after Valentine's Day" party, I'd conveniently forgotten about it. Now that there are but few hours between me and this most saccharine of days, I find myself not so sweet on it.

I want to break out in "Single Ladies", dance, outfit and all, and incite someone get a move on. After all, if you like it then you should put a ring on it. Right? Right.

My current single status doesn't bother me terribly much though, especially as I'm sure there's a purpose to it. I'm excited about the life around me, the life in me. Like tonight for instance, I'm going to sing with a blues group. It's mostly a jam session to see if we gel musically. I'm woefully unprepared and kinda-sorta know three out of the fifteen songs they sent to me as a sample of their repertoire, but when genres are based largely on improvisation that becomes less of a problem. Right? Right.

At any rate, I'll be updating on this and all other things I mentioned that need updating. I'm about up to my neck in things, activities etc, and so I find that it's becoming that much more important not to slack off spiritually. This season will pass (this weekend after party clean up :D), and I won't be as busy, but when other busy seasons come (and they will), I want to be sure not to make slacking off a habit.

It's amazing how much I got done today though! No matter how busy we get, I feel it's always worth it to have a little talk with Jesus.

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