Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post 46

Coffee shop

I’ve seen this scene in countless movies. Mug in hand, cloudy day, the intellectual/brooding/what have you type stares pensively through the window. You wonder what he or she is thinking. Clearly, it must be important. You’ve been trained to think so. In a subconscious attempt to make myself seem the important thinker, I’ve mimicked this pose. Now that I am conscious of this I try to subtly shift. Perhaps if I arch my back just so, lower one hand so that the mug is actually held by it’s handle, and put it down when I’m done drinking, I’ll add on a layer of sensuality and sophistication to this pensive persona I’m constructing.

But wait, what do I do with my hands now? I know, I’ll start writing.
Let’s see… aha! Here we go, da da da…

Ok, so now I look like an intellectual, sensual, sophisticated writer! It could be worse.

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