Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ask me for the nations...

Very recently (yesterday, in fact), I was having one of my random bursts of manic energy. Usually these occur around the time I go to the gym, where I can take full advantage of them. Not so yesterday. So instead, I decided to work my brain muscle and began outlining this rather recent dream of mine: starting a Christian radio show.

I had nothing to do really, sitting in the atrium of the school where I was substituting, and so I guiltlessly put pen to paper, waiting to see what show titles and mission statements would come to me. None did. So then I prayed (wish I had sooner...), and everything just came in this rush of ideas and connections: a title, an alternative title if that one was already taken, a mission statement, tag line, twitter handle, and two logo options, one of which could simply be reserved as an alternative image for any possible future merchandise.

I felt this rush of excitement and as I sat looking over the words now spilling over the pages, I thanked God for His kindness. Then I felt more than heard, "Ask me for the nations, and I'll give them to you."

That was it! This was the word recently given to me by my ministry partner.

The show is about connecting nations and connecting people to opportunities to serve. I looked up to see the flags of Honduras, Albania, Trinidad and Tobago, and so many other countries all around me. It was beautiful. I remembered the word. I remembered that I asked for the nations, and I remembered that God proves Himself faithful.

I began to see connections, and later that evening had the excitement of speaking with my spiritual father, who if anything, definitely knows how to encourage people in dreams.

So here I am, open to new adventures, and so excited to see how things turn out.

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