Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On the road again

Hello folks!

Generally when I don't post for awhile it's because I'm processing something that I'd rather not have spill over into the waves of the internet. That has definitely been the case for me these past few weeks. I felt as if I were under an all-out assault, and it seemed as if every area of my life was going down the tubes and it was all my fault.

But I've been faced with difficulty before.

When the bottom dropped out I sought the Lord and He proved Himself faithful. Where there once was captivity there is now freedom, and where there was uncertainty, I now have peace. Not everything is where I might like it to be, or the way I would like it to be, but I've learned that perhaps that's a good thing.

So, now that I've finally recovered from the blows of circumstance, I am gearing up for my next trip as an EFM missionary. This time Alisa and I are going to Columbus, Ohio for the ICOM 2014. The International Conference on Missions.

While certainly not as glamorous a location as Poland or Italy, I've found that the Lord is good on adventure no matter where you are.

I'm excited to network and make connections, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all connects. I am a worship leader at my church, but we will have to have the continuing conversation about the fact that I cannot guarantee my presence on Sundays, and that if we go forward with me leading a weekly worship session, someone might have to cover for me every now and then. Not to mention the clear and fabulous progress being made with the radio show.

I dove into "Godly activities" when things in my life started going sour, and now it feels like my life has gone back to the hustle and bustle rhythm I've been used to.

When life is busy though, one must set priorities, and what you choose to give (or not give) your time to is a large indicator of the prevalence that thing takes in your life. So before I start dropping the ball on things, I want to set early on what I can and cannot give my time to, and what I will and will not give my time to.

Currently, my time is being given to four days in Ohio meeting international missionaries! Again and again I realize that reaching the nations can happen in so many different ways, and I'm looking forward to the mental expansion I sense is on the way.

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