Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I tend to be a dreamer, likely in every sense of the word. Right now two dreams are standing out to me. Maybe three.

When in Poland last week I had one of those stand out dreams. In the dream I had been napping, but an itch in the bend of my arm woke me. I moved to scratch and ended up with fingers covered in gold dust. It was all over my arms and upper body, and there was even this new gold inlay pattern set into the bottom of my jeans, that I only noticed when time fast forwarded and our team was leading a late night worship set. It was pretty cool, to say the least, and while I don't understand the dream in its entirety, certainly not all of it was lost on me.

The second dream was from last night. I had what seemed to be an assignment. One of my Italian professors in college, who was also my major advisor, had a beautiful stretch of cloth in a soft white color that had unfinished embroidery and crochet work. Knowing that I could do both, she asked me to finish the work, and I accepted, pushing aside that small feeling of not wanting to inconvenience myself.

I would be adding a pretty yellow/gold crocheted brocade, and floral and berry-like patterns in a rich red. Hints of other colors also caught my eyes. My professor seemed to think it would be easy for me.

As she smiled, she held the cloth up for me and that's when I realized it was actually a robe.  I let her put it on me, realizing she was giving me the robe to keep because I had accepted the task of finishing it.

The robe looked too small for me, but somehow it worked. I would adjust, adapt, change.
This particular dream is not clear for me. What have I agreed to finish? What's the symbol here? I'll find out eventually ;).

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