Monday, May 26, 2014

Where to begin?

How do I even begin to describe the myriad of things that took place this week?

I'm assuming you've already read the post about Tuesday.
That was just the beginning. I am going to lead you on a countdown to Sunday, highlighting some of the most exciting moments of one of the most exciting weeks I have ever had EVER.

Wednesday was pretty chill, but I felt like a super star because I walked six miles, moseyed along international food stands and just generally felt very pretty while going through Milan's historical center on my way home.

Thursday, no band practice turned into impromptu aperitif faith activation. Basically, a friend invited friends to come so that he could sow into/evangelize them, and then invited one of my friends who then invited me and another friend so that we could help out. These two friends and I form quite the notorious trio, but that's another story for another time. Needless to say, the friend who organized the "event" was super happy at the end of it.
I shared part of my testimony and then with the other two parts of the trio, went down a list of recent miraculous healings and divine encounters we had seen or been a part of.
It was a pretty epic list.

As is natural with Jesus, people got interested and wanted to see this for themselves. So, the large majority of us decide to meet the next day and that brings us to Friday.
We meet in the Colonne di San Lorenzo around 9:30PM, right when things are hopping and the beer bottles are out in full force. We gathered in our little group, already plus one because of a Polish woman we had just met who I invited to sing with us, and we began to worship. Long story short, we had jam sessions with drunk people, some of who played our guitars, and though it was wonderful, I personally learned quite a few ways in which I needed to grow in love.

More than that though was a hunger for something more. That came out in a song I wrote during quiet time on Saturday morning, which was basically a prayer for love. I was reviewing some notes from my Bible study time and "the fervor of love" stood out like a beacon. This was Jesus turning over tables in the synagogue, full of zeal--the fervor of love. This was a good thing! Love isn't always mushy gushy, and as I meditated on what Jesus did, I knew I wanted that. I wanted to be like that. I wanted the perfect love that cast out fear, so that I could stop saying "My friend loved on this drunk guy...prayed for someone and he/she was healed...modeled Christ to his classmates, etc." No more miracle mooching for me!

This leads us to Sunday. After a day of too many divine encounters to recount here, God provided the opportunity for me to become aware of the work He'd done in me. Because my two friends and I weren't all three in the same city for Sunday service and the activities that followed, we headed over to one of their houses for dinner and testimonies of the incredible days we had. God had one more thing in store for me (and really, also for the kid I met). I had begun to take more initiative in our divine encounters throughout the day, but this last one was just for me. Well, like I mentioned before it was really for the guy whose name was so prophetic I almost fell over laughing when I heard it.

Basically, he had hurt his foot playing soccer and when I asked if I could pray for him, he was rather chill about the whole thing. So I prayed for him in the name of Jesus, and when I asked him to try his foot and tell me how it felt he looks to me a little less nonchalantly and says, "Bene... Cos'hai fatto?!"

Good... What did you do?!

So then I say, "I prayed for you in the name of Jesus. This is called a miracle, and you've just been healed! God loves you so much! Jesus loves you!"

Well, we all got off the tram at the same stop, and when I look back his family (who were Muslim and who had I noticed were there I might not have had the guts to approach the kid) is smiling like they won the lottery. The kid is still shocked and his family stand on the other side of the road looking at his foot for a good five minutes before moving on.

Have an awesome week folks :D


  1. YEAH, GOD!!!!!! YEAH ALLEGRA!!!!!

    love, love, love!!!

  2. Amazing,May God keep using you for his glory to inspire others
    Love you
    Karla M.

    1. I love you too Karla! and amen! I'll be back in the states for part of the summer and we can catch up :D