Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I want to wear You about me always, like a cloak of many colors reflecting the fullness of your dreams for me, inspiring others to step into the fullness of Your dreams for them.

I want the fragrance of You on me, picked up from a mile away. Yes, I want to be saturated with it, with You.

I want the fullness of me paired with the fullness of You.
You created me wonderfully, oh so wonderfully.

Why would I want less of that? No, I want more and more.

You've created me as a woman of great joy. A woman of great calling. A woman who, surrendered to You, is limitlessly capable through a limitless God. As I go deeper in You my joy is made complete and the calling placed on my life is answered resoundingly.

You are the Naomi to my Ruth. I will follow You.
Like King David, I will worship You always.
Like Deborah, I will prophesy and ride out to battle, victorious in Your great name.
Like Samson, my faith in Your saving hand will remain secure, unfailing as You are.
In the unique combination of who I am in You I fall at your feet eyes raised in adoration, tears falling and oil flowing, with damp hair and nostrils filled with rich perfume.

This is it.

Falling down, reckless abandon, pouring it all out... this is where I take You on and become not only a lover of Your presence, but also a carrier of Your presence.

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