Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dreams that You Dream...

Hello Folks!

Lots has happened since my last post. As usual...
This past week was literally a whirlwind of activity, much of it concentrated in the end of the week. I'll just do a few highlights.

Friday was interesting, to say the least. I had a full morning and afternoon, a show during the evening and no time to go home between activities, so I lugged around my guitar and a change of clothes all day. I stopped by my friend Alisa's house after my last class to change into my singing clothes and do my make-up. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to celebrate some good news: I'm officially a member of European Faith Missions/Go Missions! In Europe I am now partnered with Alisa Brown and Sally Davis. There's like, a post about it on the website and business cards have been ordered for me. Legit.

Basically, as a member of EFM/GM, I am a missionary who supports other missionaries in addition to the other work I do in Milan leading worship, evangelizing, and the like. You need prayer for something? Hit us up. Need help with English, Italian, worship leading, arts and crafts, a much needed place to stay in Milan? I'm your girl. The dream here is to be able to do this work full time, and for that I'll need lots of support, both spiritual and financial. I am believing for God to work a miracle in my financial situation.

Anywho, Friday I talked with Alisa, cleared up some details and took a selfie for the website update.
Then I hightailed it clear across town to my church where I was singing at the singles' event, thanking the Lord I hadn't sweat through everything or tripped over myself.

The night was fabulous. I sang well and felt pretty, so for all accounts and purposes I started the evening on a high note. I got lots of compliments and was even offered a wedding gig (through a friend, since the couple in question was not at the event). I won musical chairs (never mind that one of my besties was the DJ...). I had the usual good time dancing and being my extroverted self, and then someone came up to me and said I was the princess of the evening. And there you have it.

While I did not finish then evening on the arm of some dashing, debonair, tastefully tanned Italian, I'm still pretty satisfied with the evening. ;)

Saturday was similarly packed. I got up bright and not-quite-early-enough for a trip to evangelize in a bar (cafe) in a nice little section of Milan on the other side of town. In a sense, this was the first outing as the new official EFM/GM. Despite both me and another member being at least 30 minutes late, we worshipped, prayed, and believed in God to show up and be glorious.
Now, if you are curious as to what evangelism in cafes in swanky neighborhoods looks like, maybe I can give you an idea.

Here's what we did:
1. We set up one of those double sided chalk signboards that restaurants often put out, setting on the sidewalk. On it was written in English and Italian: Free Service, Miracles, Healing, Dream Interpretation
2. We waited for people to come in and ask what on earth was going on

Crazy right? To give credit where it's due, this was Sally's idea. But what an idea!
One woman came in, a little unsure of what the background of all this was. She asked quite a few times to ensure herself we were Christians.

Sally prayed aloud for her while Alisa and I interceded quietly. As I felt led to pray for her heart God showed me what it looked like. I swear, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. This woman literally had a heart of shining gold, and I just knew that she was dearly beloved. I shared this with her, telling her that she was a jewel for God, but I didn't push it too much because I could tell moving in the Spirit in that way was scaring her off a bit. She thought I was clairvoyant or something, and immediately said that this was not the first time someone had given her that word.

Eventually we packed up shop, went back to Alisa's for a group photo, since we only had my selfie from the day before, and then I chilled a bit before heading back home with Alisa's son, who's visiting for the summer.

He came with me to the first ever concert of the Iberville Band, which is the Blues group I sing in. The name is a reference to New Orleans, a fairly legitimately bluesy/jazzy place where I lived for about a year and a half, but it still somehow lends me legitimacy as an American blues/jazz singer. I guess you could call them my blues band, especially since two songs I wrote are on our set-list. Alisa's son and I were both super tired, me from my packed schedule, him from jet lag (he literally arrived 3-4 days ago from the US), but we still had a good time. Iberville Band got great reviews and we were offered other dates to play, so on the whole I'm super happy about how the evening went. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and this Friday we play again! I want to be able to be a bit more settled in Milan so that we can keep up regular practices as needed, and play regular shows.

So much has happened so fast! Really, dreaming is seeming less and less a foolish thing to do.