Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lifestyle Changes

What's up folks!

So, for what seems like the millionth time, I am embarking on some lifestyle changes. Hopefully these changes will be the lasting kind. As always happens with my blogging, I invite you to go on this journey with me.

The main change I guess would be everything. I feel like I heard somewhere that it's best not to do too many things at once, but I tend to be the "all or nothing" type. I'm going to need some major accountability to be successful, and though I'm not sure I've got the proper support network around me just yet, I'll try anyway.

I'm systematically replacing as many things as possible with organic products. The means food, seasonings, cooking oils, sweeteners, teas, and even laundry detergent and household cleaners. I've stopped using disposable plastic water bottles, I've invested in some essential oils, and so far so good! Unfortunately most of my detoxing right now is happening in the form of blemishes on my face, but I've changed up techniques and my skin is clearing and brightening up.

I'm on a meat restricted diet. I was successfully vegetarian for about 6-7 months, and then I caved on some of my mom's chicken (sorry, not sorry). However, my family is joining me on this journey, and I'm happy to say we are now choosing hormone free options for milk and meats, though I tend to drink more rice and almond milk. The next step is cage-free! I do eat fish with regularity, and I've chosen to invest in wild caught fish and avoid bottom feeding underwater dwellers like catfish and shellfish. Whenever my grandmother, my mother, or I peel shrimp our fingers get irritated, itchy, and sometimes a rash develops. We have to wear gloves to prepare them... I'd rather not eat that, thank you very much.

I've started taking a daily probiotic and women's multi vitamin, but I have chosen not to ingest essential oils until I understand them better and won't inadvertently burn my insides or otherwise seriously harm myself. This lifestyle also offers a great excuse to engage in one of my favorite activities: drinking tea. Relaxing during any time of the year, great for gentle detoxing, tasty, tea is just happiness in a cup!

The hard part right now is keeping my activity levels up. I tend to gravitate to more couch-potato types of activities like blogging, crafting, songwriting, video editing etc, and now that I'm not traveling and school is still on summer break, I'm struggling to get some basic level of activity in my life. All the same, if I want to improve my health and preserve it for the long haul, I've got to sweat.

In all this, eliminating toxins won't be just through my pores and changing the contents of my cabinet. I'm going to have to be careful of my visual and audio intakes as well. My spirit, my mind, and my soul are equally if not more important than my body, and so they too deserve care and consideration in this health journey. I will have to employ greater self control and hold myself accountable to the ways in which I choose to spend my time. If I can find 5 hours to watch a couple of movies surely I can find more than 15 minutes to have quiet time...

Though I'm the same dress size I've been for awhile, I'm currently at the highest weight of my adult life. Not cool. (I do tend to be more muscle, which weighs more but looks smaller on the body)

All the same, I'm not going to make weight loss my goal here. I'm going to put the scale away for a few months and work on just feeling good. I've already tried a few DIY recipes that I'll share here, and I'm committed to making time to do all of the things I love. At the end of the day, vegging out is never as satisfying as working on a project. Even if the end result is a fail, I'd rather have the memories and the ability to do better next time.

Here's to all the stories to come!

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