Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Miraculously Unshrinking Bank Account

The day before leaving Nuremberg, I decided to check my bank account. Given my calculations and attempts at frugality I knew I should have had just about enough money to pay my hotel balance at checkout. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after paying rent, conference costs, and the plane ticket from Milan to Nuremberg and back, I had quite a bit of extra money. And to make things even cooler, a friend had written me to say she was supporting me with $50 through a bank transfer!

Either my math was really off, or my God was really generous.

The last day of the conference I met up with some friends from the U.S. who had also gone to Awakening Europe. We ate out together, and when one of them insisted on paying for my meal I had about lost it. My gift love-o-meter was definitely full!

In the course of the four days various people felt led to walk up to me and share words of encouragement, all of which agreed with one another. I was told again and again that I was loved, special, that God wanted to honor me, that He sees my heart, that doors would be opening, that I would be entering a new season and that whatever had previously kept me from following my dreams would be removed. Every single day someone new came up to tell me something along these lines. Then, my bank account is way higher than it should be, a random person buys me ice-cream, another person buys me dinner, and I'm cracking and shifting and opening up and softening and I just know that whatever work God has begun in all of this will come to pass.

So I buy a few things for a few people because we're blessed to be a blessing! And then, on the morning of my flight I wander through an artisan village in center city Nuremberg and buy a couple of gifts for family (and one for myself!). I admire the beauty of this little haven and the more expensive and fragile works of the glass maker who enjoyed my patronage.
At the airport my hunger compels me to buy Toblerone and traditional ginger-almond Nuremberg cookies (which were later shared blissfully with my missions partner and a German friend staying with us in Milan).

As I sit down I hear chatter of Todd White being spotted. I decide not to be too upset about missing him. After all, I can see him in Heaven if I don't see him here. But of course, he's on the same flight as me, and I get to talk to him and give him both my Good Word Radio Show- and European Faith Missions cards.

When I got to Milan I continued to sow into the local ministries I was volunteering with, and the local church I was attending, and those experiences continued to be a blessing as well! Plus, I kept getting gifts! Everything I needed to do I was able to do, and everything I wanted to try, I was able to try. Soon my hand opened bit by bit, more and more, and I began to realize that when it comes to resources, step out in faith. I realized that God truly does provide for you when He calls you.

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