Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rainy Days

---from a rainy day a week or so ago

Today it is raining. No, pouring.
It is pouring so hard that I can easily imagine it's a cat or a dog running into me at full speed.

The rain soaks through the layers of my clothing and I think that this makes for an excellent weight training opportunity.

Everyone is running through the streets, some bravely forging ahead, the safety of their umbrellas be damned.

I am one of the many who braves the weather without an umbrella. I think mine wouldn't have been useful anyway. Even if I had remembered it was in the bottom of my purse.

Every seat on every bus and train is wet.

Well, that's what it seems like.

At first this was all frustrating, but as I get off the bus and the water I had wrung out of my coat soaks back in, I remember, and I laugh.

Slick skin, bathing suits, shower caps, and the warm Honduran rain, my cousins and I run around in mother nature's sprinkler.
I always wondered if I would come down with something, but Grandmother assured me these times being out in the rain wouldn't make me sick.

Inside the lobby I stand dripping, same slick skin, my coat likely ruined, my natural hair that needs no shower cap already curling in on itself from the water, and I laugh again.

It is good to remember I like the rain.