Monday, April 14, 2014

On the Verge

I feel like my life right now is neatly divided into "Before Bethel Retreat" and "After Bethel Retreat". This piece here is a reflection I had before going to the retreat. My emotions were more intense than they had been in awhile, and I cried so much that my mentor at church joked once that what I needed wasn't tissues, but a pad. (Sorry for anyone who's grossed out by that humor...)

What is important when we go through these seasons is our response in the midst of it all. Do we fall to our circumstances or do we proclaim that praise shall continually flow from our mouths? Here's the reflection.


I cried out to the Lord and He heard my calls to Him.
In the midst of despair and confusion He did not remove His presence.
His shadow of protection rested still over me, and I have known Him as faithful.

Though in my own strength I grow weary and faint, the Lord by His own perfection sustains me.
He does not allow His daughter to fall, for He lifts me up and speaks sweet words to me, though I have turned away.

Yes, I have tried to find strength elsewhere, but it was all for nought.
For where could I go but to the Lord?
My inimitable, irreplaceable Savior, healer, redeemer, friend, yes, You are all I need!

You are a fountain within me, ever fresh, ever changing, and yet Your essence always the same. Living, renewing, restoring, healing, refreshing waters.

Though I stray You do not for You cannot deny Yourself. Oh my Lord my God, I have known You as faithful!

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