Saturday, June 16, 2012

Solefull Soiree

Hey There! So Friday the 8th I played at the Solefull Soiree (@solefull_lounge), a lovely event full of artsy hipster fashionistas/fashionistos. Can't say I'm terribly broken up over the fact that I stuck out like a sore thumb. But they gave me a shirt so now I'll be all nice and fashionable :). They really have nice designs.

There was live art going on for the entire event, with people painting, and the house band played really well.

I really like this piece, mostly because of the vibrancy of the colors. I really liked what she chose to work with.

I also really liked this guy's work. It was very strong, and you could almost feel the energy of the figures he presented, it seemed.

  This artist was really nice. What stood out to me about her work here is the way she played with light and layering, using a really simple palette to bring out a really beautiful idea. The piece was themed around the intersections between dreams/hopes and the unknown/darkness. She also wanted to express the importance of the beauty and transformation that happens in the midst of uncertainty. Basically I loved it.

Here I am singing. All around jolly good time.

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