Saturday, October 8, 2011

1st Post

Clearly I should be able to think of a more creative title. Whatevs.
I am once again attempting to enter the world of blogging. This is kind of like jumping into the middle of a train of thought, but I figure y'all will figure it out (and figure me out) as we go along. Here we go. I am now home for Fall Break and excited to meet up with family and friends, work on music, do some homework/thesising, and at some point, rest.
Music is about the only thing worth updating at the moment. I am learning how to play the piano! I've tried various times in the past and let me tell you, it wasn't working. I've decided to approach this the way I approached the guitar: memorize chords shapes and don't pay too much attention to theory. Who needs to know annoying little things like what key you're playing in anyway? Right? Right.
So as of oh, two days ago, I wrote my second song for the piano. The first, which I literally wrote the week before, is called "Don't Ask Me". This piece is a reflection about how romance can be seen as salvation, as what will make everything better. The second is called "Other Woman" or "Time Heals Us All". I haven't fully decided which title to go with. As the title suggests, it is a reflection from the point of view of the other woman.
I've basically been teaching myself this instrument irregularly as part of a school project. I'm amazed at how much more fun the piano is now that it's just me and the keys. To be fair I am drawing on previous knowledge. Still, I'm progressing much faster on my own. I'll be plunking out masterpieces in no time!
Well, that is all.

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