Friday, August 22, 2014

Back From Outer Space

Hello Folks!

I wanted to be diligent and get all of those Albania blog posts up before moving on to other things but alas, things did not turn out that way. But don't worry. I'll still finish the series. Just not in order...

Anyway, I am back home now and it feels more as if life has grabbed me by the horns.

I remember telling a friend when I was leaving Italy that I realized there were dreams and desires that I had buried in America, pushed aside for the idea of being the missionary living abroad in Italy. Somehow I would feel more a missionary if I was living abroad, not to mention my degree feeling more useful. I mean, how cool is it to major in Italian, something no one thinks is useful, if they're honest, and making it such by living and working abroad in none other than Italy? Really cool.

I've noticed though that since being back things have come together at an alarming rate. I'm back in America barely a month now and it's like a valley of dry bones coming to life. I'm seeing new things happen in my relationships with family and friends, I'm having an amazing time with music, I'm already connected to a house of worship and prayer which in turn has led me what I expect to be a wonderful new church family, and there even seems to be some romance on the horizon.

It almost seems to be too good to be true, but my lack of employment and therefore money, keeps me well grounded. One good thing about the ground though, is that there's always room to rise.

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